Making healthy choices

Spring is in the air and the warmer weather is already bringing along different fruits and vegetables to our tables.

The more colourful our diet is, the healthier it is.  Varying our intake of fruit and vegetables challenges our bodies and does not allow our diet to become sluggish.

Personally, I am not a big fan of frozen stuff.  I prefer buying fruit and veg when in season.  They cost less, and I get to enjoy the crispy taste.  Nowadays, various fruit and vegetables are available all year round.  However, when you buy produce which is grown out of season it doesn’t taste quite the same.  Compare the taste of summer plums to the ones that are available around Christmas time.  The winter plums are non-starters; they’re hard and tasteless!

Salads or soups

In winter I struggle with salads.  It seems unnatural to go for a salad in the cold winter months.  The body suggests it requires the warmth of a hearty, home-made vegetable soup.

However, the warmth of springtime encourages me to go for clean, fresh, crispy veg; quick and easy to prepare.  Who needs fast food when you can whip a salad in 15 minutes? Vegetables and fruit are by far more nutritious when eaten raw.  But more on “clean” eating for another day.

For the time being, I leave you to take time to go to a farmers’ market or similar and spoil yourselves with all the fresh produce you can lay your hands on.







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  1. I’ve ready your article and these are great tips to living a healthier lifestyle. Very informative!!

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